Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Valentine's Day + Chinese New Year!

Yes it's just about a month away!

With Xmas & New Year over... Chinese New Year song can now be heard almost everywhere! And this year, Chinese New Year is going to be extra special as it coincides with Valentine's Day! It's going to be fun fun fun!

Valentine's Day - love is all ard!

Yes I am taking orders


NO, i am not making standardized designs!
Not after having so much fun with customized christmas designs!!

However, because I too wanna have a great time with reunions and celebrating, I will not be taking too many orders. So, first come first served!

So, start sending in your creative ideas of how u'd like your valentine + CNY cake/cupcake designs! Each customized set will start from RM200.

Email with the title Valentine's Day and the info below:

1. Name
2. Date Order is needed
3. Contact number
4. An Idea/A Story/A budget?

Let's make it a memorable one TOGETHER!!!

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