Thursday, January 14, 2010


I received a request from my dear friend to help make a 'cat' cuppy for her neighbor's mother who's very ill. They really love their cat who went missing recently; Hence i was supposed to make a cat cuppy!

My 1st trial, a 3d one. I'm really bad at making cats... i don't know why... My friend din really like it as well... so i attempted to do another one... this time, a 2d!

I am quite happy with this one! :P

My friend told me the neighbor really liked it and thought it look a lot like their missing cat!

Yay! Mission accomplished!

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queenbee said...

I have been following your progress for half a year creative and cute all the cakes.
I am fr Alor STar, I come to Penang island almost every Friday.May I know where is your bakery pls?