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Monday, May 5, 2008

No 19. Boy who loves CAR!

This next order is also from an ex-employee of Manila Place! Isymar who's now in KL and his wife, Zaili wanted to order this for their cute 5-year old son who loves car! They ordered 2 sets. One for his friends @ school... and one for the family!

Hope u guys had a great time celebrating! Catch up soon yea? :)


The Team said...

Hi Ween,

Thanks for the lovely cup cakes...Everyone (Schoolmates and family members) are so excited to see the cup cakes...They enjoyed soo much!! My son keep telling everyone that is him and his cars!! :)
Catch up soon...Take care and have a nice holiday!!

ween said...


Pleasure's all mine :)
Catch up soon!