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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Sesame Street time!

I love sesame street! I mean, who doesn't? Im sure everyone is still a fan of lil elmo or cookie monster...

Anyway, my friend from high school contacted me and requested for me to make something special for her baby's 1st Birthday! And the theme is sesame street! I was more than happy to do this because i have been waiting to get my hands on a sesame street theme! Yeah!

The result...

Sesame Street Cake
Oscar the garbage guy!

Sesame Street Cake
baby elmo with baby owen

Sesame Street Cake
the gang together!

Sesame Street Cake

Sesame Street Cake

Sesame Street Cake

Sesame Street Cake

Sesame Street Cake

Sesame Street Cake

Sesame Street Cake

lad it was a success!!

Happy birthday to Owen again!


The Fancy Lady said...

omg this is quite possibly the cutest thing ive ever seen you did an amazing job!

Brandy L said...

Wow gorgeous cake! I love the sesame street characters on the cake. :D

SL said...

Fantastic, and so cute! :)


Anay said...

I visit A LOT of blogs about fondant decorating... Yours is the best ;) U're an artist!

好煩唷 said...

cool blog,期待更新.........................

Unknown said...

these are all so lovely and yummy! you are very talented/gifted/amazing, etc...

wonder what are your charges like? ;-) anywhere I can look up?

Mags said...

That is STUNNING!! Gorgeous! Wow!
:) Mags