Wednesday, July 23, 2008

03: Fight to the Top

I'm working with a team of really smart people on a really cool *thing* which i will talk about more eventually... when time is right! It will involve everyone around the globe :) Anyway, we decided to have an offsite meeting up to our 'sifu's' mushroom farm in gunung jerai.... It is so refreshing :) Really is... so refreshing that all of us were in a holiday mode and not thinking mode... *grin* For the trip, I prepared a special cake hopefully to motivate us more :)

That is to depict a mountain... were all of us are striving to reach the top...

Of course there are many hurdles along the way.... depicted by those trying hard to climb; and there are also those who've yet to reach the top but have chose to take it easy - depicted by those sitting near the top :)

All in all... the key message is... for a project to be successful; for all of to reach the top, it requires a very good & strong teamwork :) We had a great time up there! I think all will agree, right? *grin*


On a lighter note, besides our meeting, we got the chance to check out the process of how fresh shitaake mushrooms and organic vege are planted... We also learn some very interesting non-toxic & ingenious ways to prevent insects instead of using all those pesticides! Amazing! Not to forget, good FOOD! Fresh mushrooms & fresh vegs! Yummmmmmm :)


At the end of the trip, something unfortunate yet funny happened... We carpooled with Anitaa and her car's side mirror was stolen! By a M-O-n-K-E-y! A very clever one! One who loves to look at itself i'm sure.... hehehe

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