Friday, July 25, 2008

22: It's a Baby Boy! Full Moon Cupcakes

Full Moon Cupcakes - also my first :) When Caren requested for them, I was very excited to do them... I'll let the pictures tell the story!

My Teddy Factory


Booty Factory


My Cupcake Factory

my 2 santa's lil helper :)



the teddies

the pacifiers



Milk Bottles


Full Moon Cupcakes in a box

The Package

Congratulations Caren on ur baby Bryan's FULL MOON :)


Lina said...

They're absolutely adorable! How much does a box cost?

Glads. said...

OMG...sooo cute....I love the teddies...
Pls hint to Ivan to get me teddy cupcakes...LOlz..hint hint ;)

ween said...

Lina: It depends on how many box you want :)

Glads: Glad u like em! I love em too!! Tho.. while doing, i nearly went bonkers.. I love making teddies but when i have to do 50.... it was a real challenge :P

consider it done!

Crystal Chan said...

i love this!!!
adore the teddies!!
i can imagine how 50 is lots of work!~~
you did it all by yourself??

tRaCy...faTFat... said...

awh...dis is so so so cute n adorable...i like it so much...good job...

caren0421 said...

ween nee, thanks so friends like it very much and few of them keep asking me ur contact :-)

at first when i give u the design i dont expect u can make it exactly the same but fortunately u did it...really cannot imagine how u did it...good job...well done

Tracy Poh said...

Hey, this is th most beautiful cupcakes I have seen so far!
Can I know how much does the box cost? I am looking at about 60boxes. You think you can help me out?
my email:


Foo said...

hi, is the bear bear made of fondant?if so, are them edible? i'm interested as well, please tell me the price for 50 boxes. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi there...could you pls quote me the price for 30boxes.I have called you the other day and u sent me the website..anyway i m a fren of iqlin :)my baby fullmoon date is 9th april.
Would like to know the price for the 6pcs of cupcake for blue bear and also the brown bear design.


Anonymous said...

May I know how much it's cost? I am looking at about 60-80 boxes. I hope that you can help me out?
my email: