Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Surprise Birthday Party @ David's Brown

I've been wanting to go David's Brown for a while now.... and I finally had the chance when Tze, a mom of my regular supporter called to order cuppies for her husband's 50th surprise birthday party. We went up on 4-wheel. We had 2 big box. Hubby helped. Each of us with one. Quite a big challenge, really.... Before I show you the cake I did, take a look @ David's Brown!

Such a pretty place :) Now, i need to find a good time to go up for a good meal!


This party is for both Tze's husband and his partner Michael. Since both of them are in the frozen seafood industry, the theme is S.E.A.

So, there's the jellyfish



Octopus (my favourite)

Octopus covered with seaweed

A school of fish

More fishes

All together....! In the middle, there's Mr Incredible & Frozone (will try to find a better picture of that and upload later :P) to represent the birthday boy!

Congratulations Tze and such a well planned party!

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abigail barnes said...

i just LOVE the cupcake cake! what an inventive idea to push all the cakes together and adorn them as if they were "one" cake. you have some serious talent in sculpting... im impressed!