Monday, July 21, 2008

Frequently Asked Question

1. How much are each cupcake?
I do not have standard charges/price list. Each order is quoted individually as each order is customized according to what you want. 

However, I will be coming up with some standardized packages to make it easier for you to choose! Keep a look out for it! :)

2. What is the lead time to order?
Preferable 1 - 2 weeks

3. What designs do I have?
Most of the designs I have done are all up on the blog. Use them as an inspiration to your order :)

4. How can I keep the cupcakes?
The figures and decor are made of sugar therefore they will not survive the SUN, FRIDGE or FREEZER very well. Best is to keep them in room temperature :)

Note: The decoration pieces (ie: teddy bears, animal figures, etc) if kept in cool room temperature or best in air condition room will fully harden after a week or 2 and they can be kept like clay decoration pieces. Insects will not attack them :)

5. Can the figures be eaten?
It is sugar and yes it can be eaten but be warn that these sugar paste is made out of a lot of sugar, vinegar and marshmallows. It does not taste 'fantastic' :)

6. How to contact?
I prefer to liaise through email for the initial part of ordering. Also, when I am working on orders, I need full focus and will not be able to answer calls in between. *grin*

7. Where to collect the orders?
Collection point is @ Manila Place, Gurney Plaza. Payment is also to be made there. Cash only.

8. How come CAKE so expensive?
I would really appreciate if you'd understand you are NOT only purchasing a 'cake' but a piece of art as well. Each figurine and decoration pieces are customized and handmade. 

There is no 'price list' but so that you can gauge better, a simple teddy bear figure starts from RM20/each and this does not include the cake. This is why I need to know what you want before I can quote you.

I hope this FAQ has been useful for you :)

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