Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pretty Flower Cuppy

What I enjoy most about making these cuppies is the special meanings behind each of it. I've met so many of you who tries so hard at making something special for people who means the world to them. Many have really touched me in many different ways... :) It actually inspires me :)

A single pretty flower cuppy for a special lady on her special day from her god daughter... :) Michelle requested for a pink & purple single flower cuppy for her god mom...

Sorry for posting this up so late! Hope ur godma had a great time celebrating :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Wee Nee,

Fong Yi here, Phoebe's friend from church. The godma happened to be my colleague and she enjoyed the cupcake very much! Thought I'll let you know.

jgirlpg said...

Hi Ween,

Michelle here. Thanks for your efforts :)

I will be making another order next month. Hehe!